Which DeWormer Should I Use This Spring?

The Question

Is long range still a cost effective dewormer compared to brand name ivermectin? This is a question that veterinarian Dr. Calvin Booker set out to answer recently.

How Is This Research Applicable to Cow Calf Producers in Big Horn County

I like this study because it was done in country similar to ours here in eastern Montana. It analyzed total pounds gained relative to the cost of the dewormer. The animals used in the study were yearlings on pasture and not cows. However, the study demonstrates that long range is still an effective dewormer in our part of the country.

The Methods of the Study

The study was done on 3,000 head of stocker steers in neighboring Saskatchewan. The cattle were split into two groups of 1500 head each. One group received brand name ivermectin pour-on. The other group received Long Range.

After 157 days on grass, the cattle were weighed and and the value of the product was calculated based on a sale value of $185 / 100 lb at an average weight of 943 lbs.


Steers receiving long range gained 23 lbs more than their counterparts that received Ivermectin pour-on. This translated to $19.11 / head profit in the long range cattle.

Dr. Bialon Has the Last Word

Long range peaks at administration and then again at 80 days. It maintains therapeutic levels for up to 150 days.

There are always questions on whether long range is worth the price tag. I ask myself the same question every year when my husband and I are discussing what products to use on his herd. For us, its a question of the cost per head, and also the amount of labor that goes into working the cows (specifically giving them shots) at branding.

We are using Long Range again this year. The product is a no-brainer in the replacement heifers that will be going out with bulls for the first time. Its convenient because we are giving them vaccinations and multi-min anyways 30 days before bull turn out.

The adult cows take a bit more consideration. There are a lot more of them. However, I feel that we are accomplishing a number of things with this product.

Its still an efficacious product that is working in terms of killing parasites.

We feel that we are achieving horn fly control.

Our pregnancy rates have dramatically improved in the two years since using the product. I don’t know why. There are a number of possible explanations for this, but at the end of the day, the cows are in better shape than ever.

In short, we will be using Long Range on our herd this spring. Whatever product you choose, just remember to give the correct dose to your livestock. Under dosing dewormer is not doing much except contributing to resistance. Don’t squirt those cows as they run through the sorting gate. Take the time to do the job right.